I have just wrapped production on my latest commercial project, a heartfelt exploration of mental health commissioned by the NHS. This project is comprised of two distinct films, each offering a unique perspective on the challenges faced by new fathers.
The first film is a scripted drama crafted from in-depth research into the lives of new fathers. Drawing from real-life experiences, the story aims to resonate with audiences and encourage them to seek help when needed.
In addition to the scripted drama, I haveĀ also directed a supporting documentary. This film features interviews with fathers and NHS service users, providing valuable insights into available services and resources.
Both films are aiming to make a significant impact, shedding light on an often overlooked aspect of mental health. By combining compassionate storytelling with real-world experiences, the films will spark meaningful conversations and promote greater awareness and understanding of mental health issues among new fathers.
Despite the behind-the-scenes photo, my neck is actually okay.

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