Production has just wrapped on my latest film, a short for the NHS.
The film is based on a poem by a NHS staff member, which beautifully details the conflicting and contrasting struggles that patients and staff face on a daily basis and how the NHS is forging a way through these difficult times.
When I came aboard the project, there was a rough story structure in place. I reworked the narrative and created an industry-format screenplay in order to get the project greenlit. Myself and the producer worked closely to ensure that we cast this intricate project correctly. We settled on two fantastic actors: Antonio Aakeel (Apple TV+'s Slow Horses) and Tammy Heath (a real life nurse). By playing these two talented actors off of one another, we were able to get exceptionally moving and authentic performances.
Filming took place across two locations in Birmingham and Coventry, shooting on location in a house and a hospital.

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